By The Hour

Yesterday, I tried to do an hourly photo project, hoping to capture our lives every hour from 7:30am to 7:30pm. I failed, getting distracted in the afternoon cleaning, but I still captured a few photos that I really love! final-3

9:30am: after Evie goes down for a nap, Asa plays quiet games. Since he’d just had a little upset, I let him play with Snapchat filters and he immediately went for his favorite one: the sunglasses and songs.


10:30am: awake from her nap, Evie spends a little time blowing her nose.


11:30 or so: Evie opens wide to eat food. Whose food? MY FOOD. final-10

She then spends some time trying to feed grandma. final-11

And Asa abandons his cars in favor of grandma’s company.


2:30pm: as  I clean and organize and Evie naps, Asa watches cartoons.

I wish I had gotten more photos of the day, but I think I will try again on a day when we have a bit more to do! It seems like choosing a relaxed day would make this challenge easier, but I find myself struggling for ways to photograph the day if we’re doing the same little routine over and over!




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