Sick Day

final-1This photo is today in a nutshell. Life has kicked us to the floor with another bout of sickness, so basically we all just want to lay there and cry about it. I didn’t think I’d have anything to share today, but surprisingly got two shots. I tried getting more, but at the end of the day the light was totally gone and my eyes were too tired to grab anything good.

I did, however, get this photo of Asa and I’m forever in love. It may not be perfectly focused, but it captures his childlike innocence so well. The texture of his hair, the facets in his eyes, his eyelashes… oh, my heart.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day. final-3

Edit: of course, after posting this a little photo opportunity arose with Evie and daddy as they lounged on our pull out bed. I LOVE these images, and it just goes to show you… always be looking!




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