final-1Today, Asa got his hair cut by his grandma. He at first found it to be an exciting experience, but that quickly changed once actual scissors neared his head. There was much squirming and protesting after that. With every snip, he would exclaim “we’re all done!” only to be soundly disappointed when grandma said “no, not yet.” final-4collage-1 final-6The hair was too tickly as it fell on his arms and back. The scissors made such an unfamiliar snick-snick. The chair was too hard. The stool was too high. Much as should be expected of a three-year-old, he had no time for this silly haircut and not even promise of chocolate could persuade him final-11 final-13final-12collage-2But when he was finally done, what a handsome little boy was presented to him in the mirror!  He seemed pretty delighted with himself for having survived such a dangerous and scary procedure. final-16final-14He was even convinced to sit still for one last little snip here and there as grandma cleaned up around the edges. But when asked if they should do it again, he answered with a very sound “no!”final-18 final-21 final-22 final-23collage-3 final-24

And all of the hair in the garbage can was a very interesting sight for a little boy to behold.

He was quite proud to exclaim, “my hair! It’s all gone!”final-27


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