Cold day, Cold Park

final-1 final-3

The hardest part about photographing daily in the winter is the cold. The cold conquers all desire to shoot, and my kids generally don’t like being out for too long. We visited the park today, excited about the prospect of slides (Asa), running around (Evie), and shooting somewhere outside the house (me) but the cold defeated us all in the end. Asa spent most of his time deeming that the slides were, indeed, wet and dirty.   final-7

But after a little bit of coaxing, another mom wiping down slides with a convenient towel she found, and a little girl befriending Asa, he started to explore.

Evie, in the meantime, enjoyed her snack profusely from the warmth and comfort of daddy’s lap. It wasn’t until she saw Asa loosen up that she, too, wanted to get up and play. final-6 final-8 final-9

The photo above and below are my two favorites. Evie generally observes more than she plays at this point, and Asa, well. He was cold and made sure we all knew it. This time of the year is no good for spontaneous and unexpected trips to the park. final-10


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