Outdoor Exploration

final-8Every once in a while, the sun and the mist come together in such a magical way that we just have to run outside. Even though it’s cold, even though it’s nearly Evie’s naptime, even though I’ve got a million other things to do and limited time to do them. Today was one such day. I’m glad I rushed to dress the kids and get us outside to play, because now that I’m sitting to write this post, the mist has gone and the sun is too high to cast pretty light. final-3final-7Evie is only just getting to the age where outdoor play is fun; she toddles around in circles, mostly, tripping over her own feet and lifting delicate little fingers out of mushy leaves with an expression of disgust. She doesn’t really enjoy dirt yet, and prefers to keep her hands far away from the moist ground.

final-9final-1Yet, like a faithful puppy, she follows her brother wherever he goes. Around the cars, into the bushes, over the roots, she toddles after him in her slow, trundling fashion. The way she mimics and adores him is reciprocated. He shows her rotting leaves and broken sticks, when he’s not running off on his own adventures. “There’s a monster!” he’ll exclaim, and leave both of us to fend for ourselves as he scampers away from the imagined danger. final-6final-4final-5But soon, distracted by another new phenomena of the outside world, he redirects his attention and creates new roads for his ever-present toy car.  final-14

And Evie, in his stead, points and grunts. Always asking what new things are in her wordless, closed-mouth way of communicating. “Gn gn?” she’ll ask, and I tell her it’s a truck driving by. “Hmm,” she points, and her attention is on a mossy trunk. “Ah!” she’ll exclaim, suddenly desirous of a leaf just a bit too high on a bush for her to grab.

And so we discover, and learn, and imagine. final-15final-11 final-16


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