Sunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by Kristina Sunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by KristinaSunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by Kristina

Yesterday, I took maternity photos for one of my childhood friends. Mariela and I grew up together, and have remained friends for over twenty years. She is currently 36 weeks pregnant with baby number three, and has never had a maternity shoot done! I was so excited to be able to capture this special time for her, and I cannot wait to meet her newest baby.  Sunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by KristinaSunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by KristinaSunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by Kristina

We took these photos at Sehmel-Homestead park in Gig Harbor, where there is a large un-mown field that is perfect for evening photos.  I really love Homestead for all of the different options it gives photo wise. They have tall trees, woodlands, swamp lands, fields, just about every backdrop a person could want!

Sunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by KristinaSunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by KristinaSunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by Kristina

I hope to shoot many more photos at this park, but more importantly spend a lot more time with my childhood friends, continuing to make memories as we grow through life together!

Sunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by KristinaSunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by Kristina Sunlit Maternity Photos | Home, by Kristina


Slow Days


While I haven’t been posting daily, I have been snapping. So much backup to edit and share!

Today Asa wanted me to take his picture. I loved the shadows and light from the trees outside, and the little half smile on his face. He loves having his picture taken, lucky for me!

Catching Up

Well, I missed the last five days of sharing blog photos, but don’t worry! I have still been snapping away.

final-2final-3 final-4 final-6

On February second, Asa fell asleep for a completely unexpected nap, and the way he positioned himself to cuddle up to one of his favorite toys, with his beloved blanket close, melted my heart.


On the third, we played at grandma’s house. I was truck by how much I love watching these two just be kids together. This was the only photo I was really in love with on this day.

final-1 final-2

And on the fifth, I forgot to take my camera out ALL DAY until about 9pm. Thankfully, it was snowing so I was able to capture that!

I’ll be back later today with my photos from the fourth and yesterday, don’t worry! They’re just so good they deserve their own posts. 😉


By The Hour

Yesterday, I tried to do an hourly photo project, hoping to capture our lives every hour from 7:30am to 7:30pm. I failed, getting distracted in the afternoon cleaning, but I still captured a few photos that I really love! final-3

9:30am: after Evie goes down for a nap, Asa plays quiet games. Since he’d just had a little upset, I let him play with Snapchat filters and he immediately went for his favorite one: the sunglasses and songs.


10:30am: awake from her nap, Evie spends a little time blowing her nose.


11:30 or so: Evie opens wide to eat food. Whose food? MY FOOD. final-10

She then spends some time trying to feed grandma. final-11

And Asa abandons his cars in favor of grandma’s company.


2:30pm: as  I clean and organize and Evie naps, Asa watches cartoons.

I wish I had gotten more photos of the day, but I think I will try again on a day when we have a bit more to do! It seems like choosing a relaxed day would make this challenge easier, but I find myself struggling for ways to photograph the day if we’re doing the same little routine over and over!



Sick Day

final-1This photo is today in a nutshell. Life has kicked us to the floor with another bout of sickness, so basically we all just want to lay there and cry about it. I didn’t think I’d have anything to share today, but surprisingly got two shots. I tried getting more, but at the end of the day the light was totally gone and my eyes were too tired to grab anything good.

I did, however, get this photo of Asa and I’m forever in love. It may not be perfectly focused, but it captures his childlike innocence so well. The texture of his hair, the facets in his eyes, his eyelashes… oh, my heart.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day. final-3

Edit: of course, after posting this a little photo opportunity arose with Evie and daddy as they lounged on our pull out bed. I LOVE these images, and it just goes to show you… always be looking!




final-1Today, Asa got his hair cut by his grandma. He at first found it to be an exciting experience, but that quickly changed once actual scissors neared his head. There was much squirming and protesting after that. With every snip, he would exclaim “we’re all done!” only to be soundly disappointed when grandma said “no, not yet.” final-4collage-1 final-6The hair was too tickly as it fell on his arms and back. The scissors made such an unfamiliar snick-snick. The chair was too hard. The stool was too high. Much as should be expected of a three-year-old, he had no time for this silly haircut and not even promise of chocolate could persuade him final-11 final-13final-12collage-2But when he was finally done, what a handsome little boy was presented to him in the mirror!  He seemed pretty delighted with himself for having survived such a dangerous and scary procedure. final-16final-14He was even convinced to sit still for one last little snip here and there as grandma cleaned up around the edges. But when asked if they should do it again, he answered with a very sound “no!”final-18 final-21 final-22 final-23collage-3 final-24

And all of the hair in the garbage can was a very interesting sight for a little boy to behold.

He was quite proud to exclaim, “my hair! It’s all gone!”final-27

Cold day, Cold Park

final-1 final-3

The hardest part about photographing daily in the winter is the cold. The cold conquers all desire to shoot, and my kids generally don’t like being out for too long. We visited the park today, excited about the prospect of slides (Asa), running around (Evie), and shooting somewhere outside the house (me) but the cold defeated us all in the end. Asa spent most of his time deeming that the slides were, indeed, wet and dirty.   final-7

But after a little bit of coaxing, another mom wiping down slides with a convenient towel she found, and a little girl befriending Asa, he started to explore.

Evie, in the meantime, enjoyed her snack profusely from the warmth and comfort of daddy’s lap. It wasn’t until she saw Asa loosen up that she, too, wanted to get up and play. final-6 final-8 final-9

The photo above and below are my two favorites. Evie generally observes more than she plays at this point, and Asa, well. He was cold and made sure we all knew it. This time of the year is no good for spontaneous and unexpected trips to the park. final-10

Outdoor Exploration

final-8Every once in a while, the sun and the mist come together in such a magical way that we just have to run outside. Even though it’s cold, even though it’s nearly Evie’s naptime, even though I’ve got a million other things to do and limited time to do them. Today was one such day. I’m glad I rushed to dress the kids and get us outside to play, because now that I’m sitting to write this post, the mist has gone and the sun is too high to cast pretty light. final-3final-7Evie is only just getting to the age where outdoor play is fun; she toddles around in circles, mostly, tripping over her own feet and lifting delicate little fingers out of mushy leaves with an expression of disgust. She doesn’t really enjoy dirt yet, and prefers to keep her hands far away from the moist ground.

final-9final-1Yet, like a faithful puppy, she follows her brother wherever he goes. Around the cars, into the bushes, over the roots, she toddles after him in her slow, trundling fashion. The way she mimics and adores him is reciprocated. He shows her rotting leaves and broken sticks, when he’s not running off on his own adventures. “There’s a monster!” he’ll exclaim, and leave both of us to fend for ourselves as he scampers away from the imagined danger. final-6final-4final-5But soon, distracted by another new phenomena of the outside world, he redirects his attention and creates new roads for his ever-present toy car.  final-14

And Evie, in his stead, points and grunts. Always asking what new things are in her wordless, closed-mouth way of communicating. “Gn gn?” she’ll ask, and I tell her it’s a truck driving by. “Hmm,” she points, and her attention is on a mossy trunk. “Ah!” she’ll exclaim, suddenly desirous of a leaf just a bit too high on a bush for her to grab.

And so we discover, and learn, and imagine. final-15final-11 final-16

The Dollhouse


Today, we pulled out my childhood dollhouse. It’s old and battered and the colors are fading, but my kids don’t really care. They love to climb on it, drive cars through it, bash the heads of the dolls, and generally be as destructive as one might expect from a 3-year-old and a 16-month-old.

final-3 final-4

But the worst part was, Evie found a sleeping bag… into which she promptly blew her nose.

So much for preserving my childhood history.picmonkey-collage




Hello, and welcome to Home, by Kristina.

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